Dear Students/Parents


Welcome to SMC academic platform. I would like to draw your attention to all of you particularly SEE appeared/pass-out students on our way of dealing with academics vis-à-vis our visioning in line with your interests and concerns for your further study.

The ‘every first step’ is a landmark in each and everyone’s life and the same to starting higher study which will have an everlasting impact on our life. So, the best decision made is ‘what you want to achieve in your life and ‘what steps you have made’.

For a prospective student who wants to enter the world of higher education in Nepal, particularly in Kathmandu, finding an appropriate academic institution is the best start. An appropriate decision will have a long-lasting effect. So, Siddhartha Academy/Multiple College wants to draw your attention to serve you for the aims of your life.

As mentioned earlier, to impart your aims in life, our priority is based on teaching-learning in a distinct way of understanding contents, analyzing the issues and assimilating appropriately. So, we focus on content, methods and follow-up along with proper and timely feedback and evaluation.

We believe every student does have potential. Our efforts and focus are to make every student capable of doing what he/she is supposed to learn. We have been focusing on co-curricular and extracurricular activities like regular seminars, workshops, exposures, and sports activities along with discussion and debates as per the pertinent subjects and contexts. Applying ‘cutting-edge technology’ in teaching-learning along with evaluation is our prime area of intervention.

As a principal of SMC, I sincerely invite the SEE pass-out/appeared candidates to visit SMC and make a timely decision for enrolment/pre-registration in our programme. I assure you that we will not compromise on quality and the ‘prospects of growth’ in every student.

Please do join us. We will be a part of your academic journey.

  • Mr. Shiva Ram Rijal – – Principal